PRP for Hair Thinning

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  Our program utilizes both micro-needling and PRP injection. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) which is derived from your own blood draw done here in our office immediately before the procedure.

How well does PRP for thinning hair work?

Actual patients give you the best answer. We reached out to RealSelf to see what that community says. Here’s the current date “worth it” opinion (Feb 2016) from patients around the country.  Results show a 96% satisfaction rating.  

Will PRP grow hair in bald areas?

When hair follicles are no longer viable and no longer produce hair, PRP cannot regrow hair. The treatment goal is to help stop the process of hair thinning. The increased blood supply and natural responses to the introduction of the PRP into the scalp helps revive thinning hair. The earlier you begin treatment when you notice thinning, the better long term potential for success.

How many treatments do I need?

Hair goes through stages. By treating multiple times, you are able to treat the majority of hair when it is in the receptive phase to treatment. The number of treatments will be based on how well you respond. Treatments are usually done every 3-4 weeks
For most optimal results 4-6 treatments is recommended.